Bond/Training Charges


As per rules /regulations bond/training charges will be given below:

  •    •     Applying for admission to the college for their son will automatically mean that they          pledge to abide by all terms and conditions given in the prospectus or issued by the          College from time to time during cadets stay at the College.
  •    •     It is obligatory for all N-Cadets to apply for commission in the PN.
  •    •     N-Cadets will appear twice for ISSB at the end of their tenure at the College. In case of          discovery of intentional attempt to fail at ISSB, the candidate will have to pay the entire          training charges.
  •    •     Paying Cadets will be having no binding to apply for armed forces, they will be          encouraged to apply and will be provided all assistance for preparation of ISSB and          other tests.
  •    •     Following cadets will be required to pay training and penalty charges, as desired by          BOG from time to time:-
    •             >    N-Cadets who do not wish to continue studies on account of maladjustment or                   domestic problems.
    •             >    N-Cadets who will be withdrawn on disciplinary or academic grounds on the                   recommendation of the College or on their own request.
    •             >    Paying cadets withdraws on their own request.