Electronic Charts

Electronic charts are the next generation of navigational charts, and can enhance safety of navigation through improved situational awareness, especially in busy or confined waters. Digital technology is used to develop electronic charts from traditional paper charts and directly from marine survey data.

Pakistan Navy ENC Division is established in 2005 with Dell Server , Dell Work stations and Context Scanner Hardware, and Caris SAMI, Caris Editor, HOM ENC, HOM AML as software. ENCs of PAK Series charts are under progress.

The importance of using official data is, as with paper charts, absolutely paramount to maximizing safety and other related benefits.

ENCs of the following charts will be available soon:

  • PAK 33 Jiwani to Sir Creek
  • PAK 30 Harbour
  • PAK 5 Approaches to Karachi
  • PAK 20 Port Muhammad Bin Qasim and Approaches


2005 Pakistan Navy Hydrographic Department