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To ensure the highest possible levels of maritime safety, the world is divided into 21 broadcast areas, called NAVAREAs which transmit maritime safety information such as navigational warnings and weather forecasts. The responsibility of coordination of NAVAREA IX, which includes part of the North Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, was assigned to Pakistan in 1976.

Hydrographer of the Pakistan Navy (HPN), is the area Coordinator. All information relating to navigational safety is received in HPN office at Karachi from 16 National Coordinators of Area IX and from other sources. This information is analyzed, processed and promulgated in the form of navigational warnings to mariners at sea. Hydrographic Department of PN also issues Weekly and Annual summary of Pakistan Notices to mariners in print form for the benefit of the mariners.

Limits of area IX are:

23° 48' 00.00" N , 68° 05' 00.00" E
12° 00' 00.00" N , 63° 00' 00.00" E
30° 00' 00.00" N , 32° 00' 00.00" E

Navarea IX   • NTMsNavigational WarningsCoastal Warnings

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